Board of directors


Marcia Pantic

Marcia taught Italian at the University of Pittsburgh, Washington Academy of Languages, and various community colleges and continues to teach privately. She also taught ESL at Boston University, Washington Academy of Languages, community colleges, and adult education centers. Marcia grew up in South Korea, Uganda, and the United States and also lived in Italy and Austria. She speaks Italian fluently as well as some French and Spanish.

As the founder and director of Parlamerica, she sees a great gap between children learning foreign languages and being able to use them in practical, everyday life. Her goal is to improve and develop children’s foreign language skills and to reach the most number of children through the public school system.


Jackie Proteau

Jackie has been a real estate agent first with Prudential and then with Windermere for 25 years. She also worked for World Airways and Alaska Airlines as a flight attendant for 10 years and for Royal Viking Cruise Line in direct sales for a year. She is of Mexican descent, lived in Mexico as a child for 2 years and speaks Spanish fluently and Italian very well.


Shawn Taylor

Shawn is a parent of two children, one currently in public high school. She was very involved in the PTA of her children’s school for 15 years. She planned programs, helped in the classroom and the library, was the president of the chess club, and put together materials for emergency preparedness. She is currently on the football board at her son’s high school. As an adult student of Italian, she understands the difficulties of studying languages as an adult. She speaks Italian very well.


Gerry Anderson

Gerry is married and has two children in public school. He is currently working as a Software Engineer at IBM and has been in the computer industry for 15 years. Prior to working in the computer industry, he worked with abused and developmentally disabled children and adults for 10 years. He has a Spanish degree and has traveled extensively around the world but primarily in Latin America.


Anusha Sharma

Anusha has been an accounting professional since 2011. She is currently employed at PCC Aerostructures, an aerospace company. Prior to that, she was a stay-at-home mom and was a regular volunteer at her children's schools and their other activities. A native of India, she speaks two Indian languages, Hindi and Tamil, fluently. 

Staff members


Alex Taylor

Alex graduated from University of Washington in 2013 and is currently employed at Razorfish. While she went to a private high school, she feels that the foreign language studies taught to her and other classmates there did not truly invest in expanding her aptitude, something she wishes that she had a better opportunity to expand upon. She plans on learning a foreign language with a private instructor.